“SPEED” iMax presentation


Write the speed of each object as it goes by.







How has humankind’s ability to increase speed changed society?






What are the benefits to being able to travel fast?





Are there disadvantages?






Do you think that we should limit how fast we travel?






Write down your ideas on the impact that “speed” has had on humankind, our society today, and your life in general.











Salmon 37 MiPH

Herring 3.7 MiPH

First passenger railway 1825 10MiPH

Fastest Production Car Jaguar XJ2200 217 MiPH

Fastest Bullet Train 220 MiPH

Baseball 90 MiPH

Cheetah 70 miPH

Cat 30 MiPH

Human 25 MiPH

Spider 1.17 MiPH

Snail .03 MiPH

Horse 45 MiPH

Jetliner takeoff speed 170 MiPH

Raven 25 MiPH

Hawk 60 MiPH

First Auto 2 MiPH

Bullet 1140 miPH

Glacier 1.57 * 10 -7 MiPH

Earth Orbit 67,000 MiPH

Earth Rotation at Equator 1000 MiPH

Fastest Object in world (Plastic disc fired by laser) 300,000 MiPH

Hurricane Winds 100 MiPH

JetPlane 450 MiPH

X-15-2 4,554 MiPH

Blackbird Plane  2200 MiPH

Concord Plane  1450 MiPH

Sound 770 MiPH

SpaceShuttle in Air 376 MiPH

Sun’s Motion in Galaxy 216,000 MiPH

Bicycle 40 MiPH

Hummingbird Wings 9 MiPH

Speed of Light 670,000,000 MiPH

Fastest Roller Coaster 100 MiPH

Speed Sking 154 MiPH

Top wind Speed Ever measured 231 MiPH

Human Powered Vehicle 82 MiPH

Propeller Driven Boar 205 miPH

Electric Car 254 MiPH