Sec Review 1-4 Page 19

1) Which SI units would you use for the following measurements?

    A) the length of a swimming pool

    B) the mass of the water in the pool

    C) the time it takes a swimmer to swim a lap

2) Convert the following measurements as indicated.

    A) 6.20 mg to kg

    B) 3 * 10-9 sec to ms

    C) 88.0 km to mm

3) The following students measure the density of a piece of lead three times. The real density of lead is actually 11.34 g/cm3. Considering all the results, which person’s results were accurate? Which were precise? Were any both accurate and precise?

    A) Rachel: 11.32 g/cm3., 11.35 g/cm3., 11.33 g/cm3.

    B) Danaiel: 11.43 g/cm3., 11.44 g/cm3., 11.42 g/cm3.

    C) Leah: 11.55 g/cm3., 11.34 g/cm3., 11.04 g/cm3.


Math TEST:


solve for x:    Y = Gm/x + r

the shape of a quadratic relationship            a)  y = 1/x

the equation of a linear relationship             b. straight line

the shape of the graph of a constant increase        c) y = mx + b

the equation of a quadratic relationship             d. y = ax 2 + bx + c


If a is acceleration (m/s2), v is change in velocity (m/s), x is change in position (m), and t is the time interval (s), which equation is dimensionally correct?

a) t = x/a         b) t = v2/x         c) v = a/t         d) t2 = x/a


Plot these points and find a best curve fit:

X    Y

2    11

3    16

6    26

8    35

10    43.5

Solve these equations for T (T not zero)

D= VT + ½ A T    A= -V/T    V2 = - 2AD        A=10