Grades 9-10

Curriculum-Embedded Performance Task

Strand II: Chemical Structures & Properties




Synthetic Polymers



Science, Technology & Society

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Synthetic Polymers


Teacher Materials


This curriculum-embedded science performance task is related to the content standards and expected performances for Grades 9-10, as described in the Core Science Curriculum Framework, under Scientific Inquiry, Literacy and Numeracy, Strand II – Chemical Structures and Properties.

Targeted Content Standard

9.6 – Chemical technologies present both risks and benefits to the health and well-being of humans, plants and animals.

Targeted Scientific Inquiry, Literacy and Numeracy Standards

D INQ. 2  Read, interpret and examine the credibility and validity of scientific claims in different sources of information.

D INQ. 9  Articulate conclusions and explanations based on research data, and assess results based on the design of an investigation.

D INQ. 10 Communicate about science in different formats, using relevant science vocabulary, supporting evidence and clear logic.



Learning objective:


Students will evaluate the credibility of information provided by different websites as it relates to the risks versus benefits of using plastic products.




Access to computers/Internet




Students will need background information on the strategies used to evaluate the credibility of online resources.  The media specialist at your school may provide instruction on this topic or you may want to collaborate with the media specialist on a lesson for your classes centered on this inquiry standard.  A template for the student activity is provided for your convenience or you may create your own.


You will find several strategies for tips on how to evaluate the trustworthiness of online sites at these and other websites: