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Synthetic Polymers



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Synthetic Polymers


   Student Materials



One of the most important factors in researching an issue online is evaluating the credibility of the source of information.  Anyone may publish their work online but not everyone who publishes information is interested in providing data-driven, unbiased and balanced information to the reader.  Some sources online are interested in promoting a product or an industry.  Other sources try to sway opinions without any credible facts to backup their views. 


You are trying to evaluate the risks versus benefits of using plastic products.   During your research you find the sites and articles listed below.  Your task is to evaluate the credibility of the sources of information by filling out the template on the following page.  Use the background information and skills provided to you by your teacher to evaluate the sources.   Remember to document your evidence as to the kind of site, authority of the author, the point of view of the author/site, date of publication and any other information that is important in the evaluation of the reliability of the site.


















           Assessing the Credibility of Information



Name of website


Kind of site

(.edu, .org, .com)




  Date of



  Point of view of the 



       Reliability of the

   information provided



































Write a brief assessment about the credibility of the sources you investigated: