Connecticut State Department of Education



Connecticut Academic Performance Test


Third Generation Handbook


































Foreword                                                                                         i 


Introduction                                                                                                                  ii


Position Statement on Science Education                                                              iii

Part I:  The Third Generation of CAPT-Science Assessment         1


      Overview of the Student Testing Program                             2


      Summary of Changes to the CAPT Assessment: Second to Third Generation     4


      Core Science Curriculum Framework                                    6


      Overview of the CAPT Science Assessment-Third Generation 12


Part II: Effective Instructional Strategies                                                                        14                                                                                                         


      The Nature of Science                                                         15


      Teaching Science Through Inquiry                                      16


      10 Instructional Strategies to Use All Year                          17


Part III:  Curriculum Embedded Tasks                                          22 


      Strand I –Energy Transformations                                                           23


      Strand II- Chemical Structures and Properties                                                   38


      Strand III- Global Interdependence                                                                     52


      Strand IV-Cell Chemistry and Biotechnology                                                    66


      Strand V- Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity                                                 79


Part IV:  Sample Items                                                                  92


      Additional Assessment Information                                   108