New Haven Public Schools

Dr. Marc J. Blosveren

District CHPO


lABORATORY Safety contract


I, ____________________, as a student in ___________________, understand the need for safety and responsible behavior when working in a laboratory.  Therefore, as a student of the New Haven Public Schools I agree to abide by the following terms:

  1. I will remain at my assigned station, unless given other instructions by my teacher.
  2. I will not engage in any behavior that would constitute horseplay, fighting or other behavior that would otherwise warrant the imposition of discipline under the New haven Board of Education Policies.
  3. I will work with others as directed by my teacher.  I understand the importance of working with others as a way of increasing my knowledge about a subject.
  4. I will wear the appropriate laboratory attire, i.e. lab coat, safety glasses, gloves, etc., when directed by my teacher.
  5. I will only use the laboratory equipment as directed by my teacher.
  6. I understand that some of the equipment in the laboratory is very expensive and /or sensitive and, therefore, I will exercise the utmost care when using any of the equipment.
  7. I also understand that the improper use or careless handling of chemicals can lead to serious injury to myself, my classmates or my teacher and, therefore, I agree to follow all instructions given to me concerning the proper use, handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals.
  8. I also understand that it is very important to immediately follow the instructions of my teacher when there is an accident in the laboratory, whether is is a chemical spill, the breaking of glass or something else.  Therefore, I agree to follow the instruction of my teacher without delay and without question if an accident occurs.
  9. If anything should happen that would cause the teacher to direct me or another person to use either the eye wash and or the drench shower, I understand that the failure to follow these instructions could lead to a serious injury.  Therefore, I agree that I will follow the directions and I will not impede any other person receiving these instructions from immediately complying with them.
  10. I will also follow my teachers instructions and will not impede any other person from following instructions given to them when an accident occurs that requires following the teacherís instructions.  This includes following instructions given concerning blood borne pathogens. 
  11. I understand the instructions given concerning blood borne pathogens must be followed to minimize the risk of spreading disease through contact with blood.

I have read this contract and agree to follow it.


___________________                     ___________

Student signature                              date



I have reviewed this contract and understand the necessity of my child following all aspects of it.


_____________________                          ____________

Signature of Parent                                             date



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