Lab Performance Rubric Example


Meeting Standard

Below Standard

Lab Procedure

1.      I talk to my partners about the science behind the experiment.

2.      I change only one property at a time to make sure there is a cause and effect.

3.      I know what I am going to do, and have a reason for it, before I do anything.

4.      I have a set list of procedures and organized data table before I start.

5.      I record data and observations during lab in an organized manner

6.      I observe objects and events in a variety of ways with my senses and tools, identifying critical properties and details

7.      Select and use correct measuring tools

8.      Use correct units of measure

9.      Measure accurately and precisely using measuring tools

10.    Do multiple trials if needed, know when to repeat invalid data

1.      I donít talk to my partners about the science.

2.      I change several things at a time.

3.      I just start doing things without thinking about why.

4.      I have the procedures in my head and write down information all over  the paper.

5.       I donít record my data during lab, and then I try to remember what happened .

6.      I make quick, non detailed observations

7.      I do not use correct measuring tools

8.      I do not know or use correct units

9.      I measure incorrectly, or do not measure accurately

10.    I make one quick measurement without caring about validity.


11.    I always listen to and read the directions carefully

12.    I ask a question if I donít know what to do

13.    I follow directions exactly, and make sure my group is doing things correctly

14.    I use only the correct amount of materials, so there is enough for other classes

11.    I just assume I know what to do, so I donít listen

12.    If I donít know what to do, I whine (ďI donít get it!Ē) or just sit there doing nothing

13.    I change the directions if I feel like it, and let others in my group play around

14.    I sometimes waste materials


15.    I make sure we have all the materials we need

16.    I use lab materials only as directed

17.    I keep track of materials during lab, and donít let them fall on the floor or get damaged

18.    I report any damaged or missing materials to teacher

19.    I make sure we return all of our materials at the end of class

20.    I follow directions for waste disposal

15.    I wait for other people to give me materials

16.    I play with lab materials or misuse them

17.    I only pay attention to the materials when Iím using them, and sometimes they fall on the floor or get damaged

18.    I hope no one notices when materials are missing or broken

19.    I expect others to clean up my groupís materials

20.    I put waste in the trash or sink no matter what the teacher says to do

Time Management

21.    I get started quickly

22.    I know how much time I have for each activity

23.    I pace myself so I can finish before time runs out

21.    I take a long time to get started

22.    I start rushing at the last minute so I can finish

23.    Iím surprised or not finished when time runs out

Group Work

24.    I divide the work fairly with my partners

25.    I talk to my partners about what we are going to do

26.    I listen carefully and consider my partnerís ideas.

27.    I do my fair share of the work, and do it well

28.    I talk to others with respect and use quiet voices

29.    We only talk about the lab, at appropriate volume

24.    I let one person do most of the work

25.    I donít talk or offer my ideas to my partners.

26.    I donít listen to othersís ideas

27.    I rely on others to make sure we did a good job

28.    I say whatever I think, regardless of how it makes others feel

29.    I talk loudly or talk about non-lab topics


30.    I stay in my seat unless Iím expected to get up for a specific lab-related reason

31.    When Iím out of my seat, I take care of my lab-related business and sit down again right away

32.    I donít run, chase, dance, or make other dangerous movements

30.    I get out of my seat whenever I feel like it

31.    When Iím out of my seat, I wander around and look for something to do

32.    I sometimes chase others, run, or play around while Iím out of my seat


33.    I wear goggles and other safety equipment when told to

34.    I keep my goggles on until told to remove them

35.    I tell the teacher when an accident or spill occurs

36.    I clean up after my group

33.    I donít wear safety equipment if I donít feel like it

34.    I take my goggles off if I feel like it

35.    I donít do anything about spills and accidents

36.    I expect others to clean up after my groupís messes

Written Work

37.    I know what Iím supposed to turn in and when itís due

38.    I turn in work as directed

39.    I write what I am supposed to during the lab and afterwards.

37.    I donít know what the written assignment is

38.    I leave my paper on the floor, on my desk, or in my binder

39.    I donít write during lab, and then I try to remember what happened