Richard Therrien K-12 Science Supervisor

See www.newhavenscience.org for ALL materials: Grade resource pages:

            Goals/objectives/vision/mission/concept maps

            Science grade level expectations/standards  www.newhavenscience.org/GLE.doc

            Practice assessments/open ended rubrics, Embedded tasks

-REQUIRED CT standards, 4 units each year K-6,  state standards in place till 2016

CMT Test in Science! 5th grade covers K-5 curriculum, 8th grade 6-8: for ALL students (ELL & SpecEd) in place to 2016. Counts as 10% of K-8 School Performance Index.

CAPT Test in Science, end of 10th AND for retesters. Counts as 25% of School Perfomance Index.

-New Haven Time Guidelines: For ALL students! (including intervention students)

            K-4 hands on science at least twice a week, 50 minX2 = 100 min/week

            5-6 hands on science at least 2-4 times a week, 130 min/week

            7-8 science every day with certified science teachers, curriculum, set pacing.

-NHPS Science Resource Center sends 3 kits a year, 12-16 lessons per kit.

Some kits will need to be shared, and we rent/share with other towns. Rotation is different for each school. Sep 13-Nov 15, Dec 15-Mar 15, Apr 10-June 15 and the schedule is firm!.

Kind: Weather, Wood/Properties, Trees

1st: Measurement, Sun/Shadows, Organisms

2nd: Solids/Liquids, Soil, Butterfly

3rd: Rocks, Chemical Tests, Plants ** Plus Soggy Paper embedded task

4th: Motion, Land/Water, Electric Circuits ** Plus Circuits embedded task

5th: Sound, Light/Color, Senses, Sun/Earth/Moon      ** CMT Test, Plus CatchIt embedded task

6th: Ecosystems, Watersheds, Weather, Machines ** Plus DigIn embedded task

All kits have: goals, objectives, inquiry, non fiction reading, writing, measurement practice that can tie into math/reading/writing. Bilingual vocab and resources available as well.

       7-12, science every day... 7 units per year, with significant tasks.

-Inquiry skills!  (50% of tests!)

Science Fair: each school decides, city wide fair is May 15-17, school fairs by April break.

-Key expectations.

            Kids need experiences! Research shows long term learning takes place if experiences (labs) come BEFORE reading/vocab.

            Elem science builds future success! Research shows the more engaging elementary science experiences, the more success in ALL subjects, and success in college and STEM careers.

            Inquiry: 50% of CMT/CAPT!,  The CT model is for students to design and conduct experiments Ňfair testsÓ , and critique each otherŐs work.

            TALK: students learn science concepts and skills by discussing and talking!! THEN writing, and practice assessments.

            Fidelity and integration: Stick to science concepts in the CT standards/expectations, and integrate important reading (literacy common core), writing, math (measurement and data analysis) skills.

            Careers: speak positively about science. Use www.newhavenscience.org/STEM to investigate science careers.


Contact Richard Therrien Richard.therrien@new-haven.k12.ct.us, 946-7933 for curriculum, Cindy Viera 946-2818 for kits, Math/magnet coaches can also be a good resource to help.