Richard Therrien, K-12 Science Supervisor, NHPS


Summer 09:


·      Principals schedule schools to ensure that the best teachers are with low-mid level ninth (PhyChem) and tenth (Bio) graders.

·      Principals identify department/data team teacher leaders.

·      Supervisor, schools do data analysis of CAPT science roster, identifying strands and teachers/course correlations.

·      Supervisor links quarterly assessment data and CAPT data.


Fall 09


·      Meet with each school science team.

·      Message to teachers to strictly follow pacing schedule and focus on standards.

·      Supervisor sends message to any outside groups/curriculum about pacing and standards.

·      Principals provide needed embedded task supplies.

·      First high school CIA: review CAPT data, strands with all teachers.

·      Data teams focus on science CAPT like formative and summative quarterly assessments.

·      Data team leaders meet with supervisor bi monthly to review and share.

·      October 6th: teachers share lessons, strategies around CAPT strands (possible state/PIMMS involvement)

·      Science coach guiding instruction in schools (GearUp funds).

·      Teachers submit syllabi/unit outlines electronically.

·      Teachers report on quarterly assessment/embedded task results.


Winter 09/10


·      Identify “bubble” students to focus on in CAPT prep classes.

·      All 10th grade students participate in CAPT practice test and 9th grade content review in Feb.

·       All 10th grade students participate in inquiry review the week before CAPT.