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This page is for the use of staff and teachers of science in New Haven Public Schools. It is here to provide a useful central point for information only, and should not be considered as a definitive statement of policies and procedures. For official files and communication please refer to the main New Haven Public Schools page at .

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New Haven Science Standards/Pacing Guide( rev Aug 07) (Word, PDF)

NHPS Science Curriculum Vision/Strategies (Word, PDF)

07-08 Science Curriculum/Pacing
Grade 7 Overview Curriculum, Word, PDF
Unit One of Seven Properties of Matter, Word, PDF
Unit Two of Seven Chemical Properties, Word, PDF
Unit Three of Seven Cells, Word, PDF
Unit Four of Seven Genetics/Reproduction, Word, PDF
Unit Five of Seven Life Systems Musculo-Skeletal, Word, PDF
Unit Six of Seven Life Systems BioChemical, Word, PDF
Unit Seven of Seven Microbes/Food Preservation, Word, PDF

Middle School Grade Level Expectations 6-8 (Draft) from CT State, Word

CMT Science (8th Grade) Overview (Word, PDF)
CMT Open Ended Rubric (Word, PDF)
CMT Embedded Task (Feel The Beat) Teacher (Word, PDF), Student (Word, PDF) Spanish Student Version

Practice Middle Science CMT(Word, PDF), Teacher Guide
Other Useful Info

Other Resources: NAEP Kit D Unknown Powders, CASAP Kit Sink/Float, 15530411 NeoSciHowScientistsDoScienceKit, , 15577099 NeoSciElement Kit, 15567479 NeoSciExploringCellProcesses Kit, 15567518 NeoSciMicrobe Hunt Kit

Professional Development (includes materials on experimentation, misconceptions, assessment, writing, achievement gap, curriculum, instruction, questioning, STS, etc..

New Haven Science Fair
CT State Science Standards and Embedded Tasks

Recommended Science Materials K-8, Word, PDF

Useful Science Teaching Info Folder

Assessments (Teacher Use Only)
End of Year Letter and Announcements for K-8 Principals/Teachers

Richard Therrien, K-12 Science Supervisor, New Haven Public Schools
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