Grade 3

Core Themes, Content Standards and Expected Performances

Content Standards

Expected Performances

The Changing Earth – How do materials cycle through the Earth’s systems?(EARTH)

3.3 - Earth materials have different physical and chemical properties.

Rocks and minerals have properties that may be identified through observation and testing; these properties determine how earth materials are used.

 B5 -Describe the physical properties of rocks and relate them to their potential uses.

B6 -Relate the properties of rocks to the possible environmental conditions during their formation.


Properties of Matter – How does the structure of matter affect the properties and uses of materials? (PHYS)

3.1 - Materials have properties that can be identified and described through the use of simple tests.

¨     Heating and cooling cause changes in some of the properties of materials.


B1 -Sort and classify materials based on properties such as dissolving in water, sinking and floating, conducting heat, and attracting to magnets.

B2 -Describe the effect of heating on the melting, evaporation, condensation and freezing of water.


Science and Technology in Society – How do science and technology affect the quality of our lives? (EARTH)

3.4 - Earth materials provide resources for all living things, but these resources are limited and should be conserved.

Decisions made by individuals can impact the global supply of many resources.

B7 Describe how earth materials can be conserved by reducing the quantities used, and by reusing and recycling materials rather than discarding them.



Heredity and Evolution – What processes are responsible for life’s unity and diversity? (BIO)

3.2 - Organisms can survive and reproduce only in environments that meet their basic needs.

¨     Plants and animals have structures and behaviors that help them survive in different environments.


B3 -Describe how different plants and animals are adapted to obtain air, water, food and protection in specific land habitats.

B4 -Describe how different plants and animals are adapted to obtain air, water, food and protection in water habitats.


Structure and Function – How are organisms structured to ensure efficiency and survival? (BIO)

2.2 - Plants change their form as part of their life cycles.

The life cycles of flowering plants include seed germination, growth, flowering, pollination and seed dispersal.

A 19 -Describe the life cycles of flowering plants as they grow from seeds, proceed through maturation and produce new seeds.

A20 - Explore and describe the effects of light and water on seed germination and plant growth.