Grade 1

Core Themes, Content Standards and Expected Performances                                      

Content Standards

Expected Performances

  • Science and Technology in Society – How do science and technology affect the quality of our lives? (PHYSICAL)

       1.4 - The properties of materials and organisms can be described more accurately through the use of standard measuring units.

  • Various tools can be used to measure, describe and compare different objects and organisms.


A17 Estimate, measure and compare the sizes and weights of different objects and organisms using standard and nonstandard measuring tools.



  • Forces and Motion – What makes objects move the way they do? (PHYSICAL)

1.1 -The sun appears to move across the sky in the same way every day, but its path changes gradually over the seasons.

  • An objectís position can be described by locating it relative to another object or the background.
  • An objectís motion can be described by tracing and measuring its position over time.

A10 Describe how the motion of objects can be changed by pushing and pulling.

A11 Describe the apparent movement of the sun across the sky and the changes in the length and direction of shadows during the day.

DSM Force Motion

DSM Sun Shadow

  • Structure and Function – How are organisms structured to ensure efficiency and survival?(BIO)

       1.2 - Living things have different structures and behaviors that allow them to meet their basic needs.

  • Animals need air, water and food to survive. 
  • Plants need air, water and sunlight to survive.


A12 Describe the different ways that animals, including humans, obtain water and food.

A13 Describe the different structures plants have for obtaining water and sunlight.

A14 Describe the structures that animals, including humans, use to move around.

STC Organism